It was "friendship at first trip" for These Dusty Shoes principals, Rebecca Dixon and Cari Weinberg. While traveling for business together, the two would quickly discover like-minded spirits and similar enthusiasm for travel, exploration, self-discovery and a love for the unknown. Their first adventure: the two joined forces to form an all-girl rock band, Lovie. The fact that they never had music lessons was just a mere footnote and never a distraction from their goals. In fact, despite its members having full-time careers, families, pets and charitable endeavors, Lovie managed to play regular gigs, perform on television, embark on tour, and record two albums. It simply was not an option for Rebecca and Cari to take on any project and not tick all of the boxes for success. It's the lead track, Your Virgo, on their final EP that holds within the first verse, "These dusty shoes have hit the road.. They've seen a lot of world."  It was Rebecca's lyrics channeling conversations that she and Cari had had many times before about their desires to seek adventure and explore the globe.  The thrill of recording and performing music for audiences were only embers to ignite a firestorm of curiosity to explore the world's natural gifts, its people and the cultures within it. In a loud-and-clear answer to the usually rhetorical question,  "Why Not?" Rebecca and Cari enacted on that spirit of inquiry by organizing culturally infused trips, and inviting guests to come along. These Dusty Shoes is for the culturally curious. For those who desire to explore; who don't want to travel alone; who seek a deeper meaning; who want life-enriching experiences; or who simply want to answer the question, "Why not?!" 

Rebecca Dixon

Rebecca satisfies her creative urges by designing experiences to shape the travel itinerary.  "I look for those off-the-beaten-path opportunities for real cultural immersions that will allow for the most meaningful journeys, and really get those shoes dusty!"  Whether she's enjoying a pint in the Cotswolds, exploring Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków Poland, or hiking through Killarney National Park in the southwest of Ireland, one thing always rings true for Rebecca: it's not just the destination, but the journey that matters most. She brings 4 years of incentive travel experience and 3 years in the luxury travel market to the table.

Cari Weinberg

Cari has an ongoing love affair with the first stages of a trip. “When you’re making your way through the airport, then finding your seat on the plane, your script is unwritten. Anything can happen, the possibilities are endless.”  From Burning Man, Iceland, far West Texas, to Belize, Cari has extensive travel experience and is constantly trying to get her wonder fix. Since childhood, she's traveled regularly with family on high-end holidays and also has professional experience designing high-end, corporate travel programs for groups.