So what’s up with the dust? 

To us, dust is a sign of life well lived! Dust signifies experience and exists as remnants of exploration. You can’t get dusty without being out in the world where you’re seeing, hearing, feeling, doing and living. And there is a lot of world to explore!

It all stems from a song lyric and a friendship:

These dusty shoes have hit the road....They’ve seen a lot of world.

It wasn't long ago, when These Dusty Shoes Principals, Rebecca Dixon and Cari Weinberg, were paired to travel together and share accommodations for a business trip. It was that first travel experience with each other that ignited a friendship based on like-minded curiosity and equal zest for discovery. 

After taking several epic trips together and on their own, they’ve turned their focus to helping others kick up their own dust through unforgettable travel experiences that uplift and inspire.